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“Welcome to IvyPrep, we are a leader in test prep and academic strategy. I hope our website will help you understand the work we do, the opportunities we create, and the ways we help our students shape their futures.”

-Tom F. Wen, Director, Forest Hills.

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Test Prep

IvyPrep’s wealth of knowledge covers every major standardized test and school subject. We have 20 years of experience helping student succeed in school and on standardized tests including the SAT/PSAT, ACT, SHSAT, and Hunter tests SAT subject tests, AP exams, and graduate and professional exam such as the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT.

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Our college consultants are experienced former admissions advisors from top schools around the country. We work in partnership with our students to reveal and channel their strengths and sources of advantage in assembling the perfect college application and maximizing their chances of getting into their dream school.


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IvyPrep was founded in 1993 by group of educators who shared a vision of a more efficient and more effective kind of prep. We are committed to creating competitive advantage on tests, in classrooms, and in the college and professional school application process by working in deep partnership with our students to transmit knowledge and instill confidence, viewing their successes as our own.

Our instructors and consultants come from a variety of exceptional backgrounds and hold advanced degrees in disciplines, from psychology to business, medicine, biochemistry, classics, history and law. We value and utilize the unique talents that each brings to our common goal: helping our students succeed together with confidence, passion, and trust.


Our Team

  • Tom F. Wen

    Dear Respected Leader

    Mr. Wen joined IvyPrep as the lead of the product development team, which supports our staff with the very best books and review materials. Mr. Wen has supervised the creation of a complete line of world class test preparation products ranging from elementary school enrichment to graduate and professional school admissions tests. Recognized by the University of Chicago as an Outstanding Educator in 2009, Mr. Wen holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Cornell University and a master's degree in biomedical science from Harvard University.

  • Dr. Shichang He

    Director, Lower Manhattan

    Dr. Shichang He holds a doctorate degree in Education and a master degree in English literature from Columbia University. She has more than 20 years of experience as a college professor and enjoyed a successful career in tests research and training services for fifteen years before founding IvyPrep. Today she is committed to leveraging expert, data-driven insight into the dynamics of the American education system with nearly two decades of standardized testing and school admissions field experience, to help our students achieve a competitive advantage, and secure lasting academic success, and personal growth.

  • Dr. Linglan Cao


    A distinguished faculty member of the City University of New York since 1994, Dr. Cao has over 20 years of teaching experience. She has helped students at IvyPrep master English writing and composition, and achieve impressive gains in their SAT, ACT, LSAT, and other standardized test scores for well over a decade. Dr. Cao holds a Doctorate in Education and a Master in English Literature, both from Columbia University.

  • Agnes C. Laurent


    Since joining IvyPrep, Agnes has shown an incredible commitment to her students. As a one-on-one coach and as an instructor in classroom settings, Agnes has helped numerous students succeed in school and on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, AP, and IB exams. Agnes is currently a doctorate candidate in history at Columbia University, from which she earned a master degree in English literature.

  • Jeremy G. Maher

    college admissions

    Jeremy worked as an admissions officer at a top-25 university before his current position as a professor of journalism. At IvyPrep, he leverages his years of experience as an admissions officer to help students polish their college applications to gain admission to Ivy League and other top colleges and universities. Jeremy holds a bachelor's degree from NYU and a master's from the City University of New York.

  • Michael Rutledge


    Michael joined IvyPrep in 2012 as a reading and writing instructor. In addition to teaching, he is also leading the development and revision of our materials for the ACT and new SAT/PSAT tests. Michael graduated with a BA from UCLA and also holds a PhD in Literature from UCLA.

  • Andrew Kee


    Andrew is the lead math and science instructor at IvyPrep's Lower Manhattan office. He leverages his strong background in international business and commerce to cultivate effective quantitative analysis and problem-solving skills in all his students. Andrew holds a BA from the NYU Stern School of Business and is currently completing an MBA, also at NYU-Stern.

  • Chelsea Dillon


    As a verbal and critical reading teacher, Chelsea finds innovative ways to make challenging subjects accessible and fun for students of all abilities. She is currently completing her degree at Columbia University as a double major in English and psychology with a minor in education.

  • Deanna Carter


    Prior to joining IvyPrep, Deanna taught English in New York City's public high schools. She has had extensive experience and success working with students by helping them think, analyze, and ultimately express their ideas through persuasive and descriptive writing.

  • Raymond Lee

    math & science

    Raymond holds a Bachelor's in physics and applies his strengths in math and rational thinking to help students cultivate their own reasoning prowess and achieve measurable and lasting academic improvements. Raymond teaches math and logic for the SHSAT programs.

  • T. J. Sherpalama

    science & mathematics

    T. J. joined IvyPrep as an instructor in 2010. His areas of expertise include math, logic, as well as the sciences including biology, chemistry, and physics. He is currently the lead in expanding and developing the math and logic components of our SHSAT and Hunter programs, as well as the science and math SAT subject tests. T. J. holds a BS from SGU and an MD from the University of Antigua.

  • We are Hiring!


    we are constantly looking for new talent to add to our diverse team of experts.


IvyPrep currently has locations in Forest Hills and Downtown Manhattan.


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